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Workout #02

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  • Workout #02

    BODYCOMBAT Invincible Workout 02
    Duration: 16 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenter: Dan Cohen

    A step by step technique guide to your punches and stance for BODYCOMBAT. Good technique makes all the difference to your results and your enjoyment. Don’t worry - you also get a chance to lift y...

  • Workout #03

    BODYCOMBAT Invincible Workout 03
    Duration: 17 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Dan Cohen

    In this workout we’ll take you through lower body strikes, like kicks and knees, to get everything working safely and effectively. This will also help you lift your heart rate as you progress.


  • Workout #04

    BODYCOMBAT Invincible Workout 04
    Duration: 15 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Dan Cohen, Rachael Newsham, Marlon Woods, Alex Sanchez

    Add your first full combat track to two new warm up tracks. Challenge yourself - this is where the change starts happening.