CALORIE BURN - 3 workouts a week

CALORIE BURN - 3 workouts a week

2 Seasons

The Burn Prime Workout Plan drives maximum calorie burn with lots of heart pumping cardio, while also keeping your joints healthy and core strong with strength workouts.

Each week you will complete 2-3 hours of exercise. If you don’t have equipment, choose the alternative non-equipment workout plan. This Workout Plan includes 3 months of workouts – you can choose to complete the full plan, or complete one month at a time.

Workouts a week: 3

Intensity: Medium

You’ll need: barbell, weights plate, stationary bike, resistance band, step. *If you do not have equipment, select the No Equipment Version from the dropdown list below.

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CALORIE BURN - 3 workouts a week
  • THE TRIP #06

    Episode 1

    THE TRIP 06
    Duration: 43 Mins
    Equipment required: Stationary Bike
    Presenters: Josh Berrier

    Who Are You performed by The Travellers made famous by The Who
    Flowers performed by Seven Sages made famous by Leon Bridges
    3. RABBIT HOLE 1
    Emergence performed by Qu...

  • BODYSTEP #118 55 min

    Episode 2

    BODYSTEP #118
    Duration: 54 minutes
    Equipment: Step/Bench, Weight Plate
    Presenters: Lisa Osborne, Mark Nu'u-Steele, Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith, Dee Rowell, Deidre Douglas-Washington

    1. WARM-UP
    Good Morning performed by Day Of The Shining made famous by Mandisa
    Moves: Triple Squat Combo, Basic St...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #30 Athletic

    Episode 3

    LES MILLS GRIT 30 Athletic
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates
    Presenters: Dennis Toppin, Kayla Atkins-Gordine, Ben Main, Erin Maw, Natasha Vincent

    1. WARM UP
    More Than A Memory performed by Bodhi made famous by Bodhi
    Moves: Narrow Row, High Pull, Pushup, Squat Burpee, Barbel...

  • THE TRIP #13

    Episode 4

    THE TRIP 13
    Duration: 40 mins
    Equipment: Stationary Bike
    Presenter: Khiran Huston

    We Got U performed by West Last made famous by Lemaître, The Knocks
    Show Pony performed by Dawn Risen made famous by Black Pistol Fire
    Maima Koopi performe...

  • RPM #69 45 min

    Episode 5

    RPM 69
    Duration: 44 minutes
    Equipment: stationary bike.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Sarah Ostergaard, Dallas Blacklaw

    1. PACK RIDE
    Stronger performed by Eager Lights made famous by Clean Bandit
    2. PACE
    That's What I Like performed by Ten Loves Nine made famous by Flo Rida feat. Fitz...

  • BODYSTEP #103 55 min

    Episode 6

    BODYSTEP 103
    Duration: 57 minutes
    Equipment: exercise step, weight plate
    Presenter team: Mark Nu’u, Lisa Osborne, Robert van Dieën, Tor Andersen, Vanessa Labort

    1. WARMUP
    Safe & Sound performed by The Revolving Habitat made famous by Capitol Cities
    MOVES: Touch Down Squat, March On Top, B...

  • HYBRID WORKOUT Heart Health #03

    Episode 7

    HYBRID WORKOUT Heart Health 03
    Duration: 58 minutes
    Equipment: Yoga Mat
    Presenters: Dan Cohen, Marlon Woods, Erin Maw, Caley Jäck, Ben Main, Nikki Snow, Corey Baird, René Vogel

    Vegas performed by Gingerbread Ban made famous by Alvaro,Lil Jon & Jetfire
    Moves: ...

  • BODYFLOW #88 Flexibility

    Episode 8

    BODYFLOW 88 Flexibility
    Duration: 37 minutes
    Equipment: Yoga Mat
    Presenters: Kylie Gates, Thiago Meneses, Inge Gnatt, Laura Donnelly, Kester Lim, Hayley Gaspar, Hussein Bosmans, Shelley Townsend

    Start A Riot performed by Tokyo Yo made famous by BANNERS
    Moves: Intense Pose, In...

  • BODYSTEP #116 55 min

    Episode 9

    BODYSTEP 116
    Duration: 53 minutes
    Equipment: Step/Bench, Weight Plates
    Presenters: Lisa Osborne, Mark Nu’u-Steele, Nick Kraut

    1. WARMUP
    Push Push performed by Back In Time made famous by Kat Deluna feat. Akon
    Moves: Basic Step, Triple Pulse Lunge, Repeater Knee Lft, March, T-Tap Combo
    2. STEP WA...

  • RPM #72 45 min

    Episode 10

    RPM 72
    Duration: 47 minutes
    Equipment: stationary bike.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Sarah Ostergaard, Lee Smith.

    1. PACK RIDE
    A Head Full Of Dreams performed by The Last Tsar made famous by Coldplay
    MOVES: Seated Recovery, Ride Easy, Racing
    2. PACE
    Place On Earth performed by Incon...

  • THE TRIP #20

    Episode 11

    THE TRIP 20
    Duration: 42 minutes
    Equipment: Stationary Bike
    Presenters: Khiran Huston

    1. CLIMB 1
    Drip From My Fingers performed by OOJ made famous by OOJ
    2. SPHERES
    Feelin performed by Round Feels made famous by Atomic Drum Assembly
    3. COMPETE
    Dum Da Dum Bah performed by Behrooze made famous by...

  • BODYPUMP #112 55 min

    Episode 12

    BODYPUMP #112
    Duration: 55 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates, Step/Bench
    Presenters: Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates, Des Helu, Kayla Atkins-Gordine, Lula Slaughter

    1. WARM-UP
    So Close performed by Way Around made famous by NOTD, Felix Jaehn & Captain Cuts feat. Georgia Ku
    Moves: Deadlift,...

  • BODYSTEP #100 55 min

    Episode 13

    BODYSTEP 100
    Duration: 57 minutes
    Equipment: exercise step, weight plate
    Presenter team: Mark Nu’u,  Lisa Osborne, Sarah Robinson, Susan Renata,  Maureen Baker, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, Pernilla Andersson, Katja Zick, Amanda Scales, Vanessa Labort, Lidia Bodoque

    1. WARMUP
    Birthday performed by ...