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Watch this video and more on LES MILLS ON DEMAND

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  • CXWORX #21 30 min

    CXWORX 21
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Equipment: resistance band, weight plate
    Presenter team: Dan Cohen, Corey Baird

    1. WARMUP
    Masterpiece performed by Mono And The Run made famous by Jessie J
    MOVES: Leg Sequence Combo, Triple Single Oblique Twist/Cross Crawl, Crunch Double Pulse at Top, Bridge...

  • BODYPUMP #100 55 min

    BODYPUMP 100
    Duration: 61 minutes
    Equipment: barbell, weight plates, bench
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard

    1. WARMUP
    This Is What You Came For performed by Renee In Red made famous by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna
    MOVES: Deadlift, Upright Row, Deadrow, Clean & Press, Power Press, Squat, Lun...

  • BODYSTEP #106 55 min

    BODYSTEP 106
    Duration: 56 minutes
    Equipment: exercise step, weight plate
    Presenter team: Mark Nu’u, Lisa Osborne, Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith, Ben Grant, Siobhan O’Connor

    1. WARMUP
    Change Your Life performed by Bones To Own made famous by Iggy Azalea feat. T.I
    MOVES: Hamstring Curl, March O...