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BODYFLOW #85 Strength

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  • BODYFLOW #85 Strength

    BODYFLOW 85 Strength
    Duration: 32 minutes
    Equipment: Yoga Mat
    Presenters: Dr Jackie Mills, Diana Archer Mills
    Filmed in South Island, New Zealand

    Happy Man performed by Lost Lava made famous by Jungle
    Moves: Extended Mountain Pose, Forward Fold, Down Dog, Plank Pose, Crocodi...

  • BODYATTACK #102 45 min

    Duration: 46 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Lisa Osborne, Bevan James Eyles, Lyle Haywood, George Inwood, Romain Prévédello

    1. WARMUP
    Think About The Way performed by Ben & Sienna made famous by Guéna LG feat. Ice MC
    MOVES: Step Touch, Bounce, Squat to Plank,...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #25 Cardio

    LES MILLS GRIT 25 Cardio
    Duration: 29 mins
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Tauvaga Siolo, Caley Jäck, Ben Main

    1. WARMUP
    Island Life performed by Kid Cudi & Pharrell Williams
    MOVES: Jog OTS, Jog OTS with Heels Up, High Knee Run, Shuffle Tap, Squat Burpee, Surfer Burpee, Lateral Leap...