LEAN STRENGTH – 6 workouts a week

LEAN STRENGTH – 6 workouts a week

116 Episodes

The Tone & Strength Workout Plan is designed to give you lean muscle development with high repetition full-body and core strength offerings and some heart pumping cardio mixed in.

Each week gives you around 4-5 hours of workout time. If you don’t have equipment, choose the alternative non-equipment workout. This Workout Plan includes 3-months of workouts – you can choose to complete the full plan, or complete one month at a time.

Workouts a week: 6

Intensity: High

You’ll need: Barbell, weights plate, stationary bike, resistance band, step (non-equipment alternatives are noted).

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LEAN STRENGTH – 6 workouts a week

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  • BODYPUMP #108 55 min

    Episode 1

    BODYPUMP 108
    Duration: 57 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates, Step/Bench
    Presenters: Glen Ostergaard, Ben Main, Jacki Kellog, Marlon Woods, Kayla Atkins-Gordine

    1. WARMUP
    Panic Room performed by Forward Outhouse made famous by Au/Ra & CamelPhat
    MOVES: Deadlift, Deadrow, Triple Dead...

  • CXWORX #34 30 min

    Episode 2

    CXWORX 34
    Duration: 28 minutes
    Equipment: Resistance Band, Weight Plates
    Presenting Team: Kenshin Tani, Corey Baird, Lunar Lu, Dan Cohen, Alex Wang

    1. WARMUP
    A Good Night performed by Name Chain made famous by John Legend & BloodPop
    MOVES: Double Leg Lift, C-Crunch, Cross-Crawl & C-Crunch Combo,...

  • BODYSTEP #114 55 min

    Episode 3

    BODYSTEP 114
    Duration: 56 minutes
    Equipment: Step/Bench, Weight Plates
    Presenters: Mark Nu'u-Steele, Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith, Romain Prévédello, Dee Tjoeng, Romain Prévédello, Ellen Riddolls

    1. WARMUP
    Nothing To Regret performed by Brass Mayor made famous by Robinson
    MOVES: Bounce, Ma...

  • BODYCOMBAT #64 55 min

    Episode 4

    Duration: 55 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenter Team: Dan Cohen, Rachael Newsham

    Freaks performed by Dynasty Page made famous by Timmy Trumpet & Savage
    MOVES: Shoot, Uppercut, Jab, Cross, Hook
    Can't You See performed by D...

  • BODYFLOW #83 Strength

    Episode 5

    BODYFLOW #83 Strength
    Duration: 39 minutes
    Equipment: Yoga Mat (optional)
    Presenting Team: Dr Jackie Mills, Corey Baird, René Vogel

    Lost In My Boots performed by Wand Display made famous by KWAYE
    History performed by Out Loud made famous by Cosmo's Midnight
    MOVES: Su...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #27 Strength

    Episode 6

    LES MILLS GRIT 27 Strength
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates
    Presenting Team: Ben Main, Kayla Atkins-Gordine, Vili Fifita

    1. WARMUP
    Ace Is In performed by PN2
    MOVES: Squat, Lunge with Rotation, Lunge with Single Arm Snatch, Squat Burpee, Inchworm to Pushup, Row, High ...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #27 Cardio

    Episode 7

    LES MILLS GRIT 27 Cardio
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Erin Maw, Filipo Fifita, Katie Love

    1. WARMUP
    How Can U performed by laChapelle
    MOVES: Jog/Run OTS, Squat, Burpee, Burpee Jump, Pushup, Knee Climber Tap, Mountain Climber, Backward-Stepping Lunge, Shuffle S...

  • BODYPUMP #107 55 min

    Episode 8

    BODYPUMP 107
    Duration: 55 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates, Step/Bench
    Presenting team: Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates, Marlon Woods, Ben Main, Reagan Kang, René Vogel, Diana Archer Mills

    1. WARMUP
    Lullaby performed by Vape Lords made famous by Sigala & Paloma Faith
    MOVES: Deadlift...

  • CXWORX #36 30 min

    Episode 9

    CXWORX 36
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Equipment: Resistance Band, Weight Plate
    Presenters: Lunar Lu, Diana Archer Mills, Dan Cohen, Corey Baird, René Vogel

    1. WARM UP
    Bug A Boo performed by B List made famous by Joe Stone
    Moves: Alternating Single Leg Lift, Crunch, Hip Bridge with Alternating Heel Lif...

  • THE TRIP #14

    Episode 10

    THE TRIP 14
    Duration: 42 mins
    Equipment: Stationery Bike
    Presenter: Bas Hollander

    Off The Ground performed by To Slide made famous by Anderson .Paak
    2. TRIP IN
    Fitzpleasure performed by Unchosen Roast made famous by alt-J
    Double Bubble Trouble performed...

  • BODYATTACK #106 45 min

    Episode 11

    Duration: 45 minutes
    Equipment: None required
    Presenters: Lisa Osborne, Mandi Jones, Adam Snow Bramski, Ben Main

    1. WARM UP
    I'm So Excited performed by Hero's Welcome made famous by Danko & Drop
    Moves: Step Touch L&, Bounce OTS, Squat to Plank, Tricep Pushup.

    7 R...

  • BODYPUMP #106 55 min

    Episode 12

    BODYPUMP 106
    Duration: 57 minutes
    Equipment: Barbell, Weight Plates, Step/Bench
    Presenters: Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates, Glen Ostergaard, Desmond Helu, Diana Archer Mills, Jako Michael Misic, Marlon Woods

    1. WARMUP
    Still The One performed by Bivouac Arrangement made famous by Hardwell & K...

  • CXWORX #32 30 min

    Episode 13

    CXWORX 32
    Duration: 29 mins
    Equipment: Resistance Band, Weight Plates
    Presenters: Dan Cohen, Corey Baird, René Vogel, Erin Maw

    1. WARMUP
    The Middle performed by Baked Newton made famous by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey
    MOVES: Alternating Toe-Tap, C-Crunch & Cross Crawl Combo, Hip Bridge Pulse...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #25 Strength

    Episode 14

    LES MILLS GRIT 25 Strength
    Duration: 30 mins
    Equipment: barbell, weight plates, step/bench
    Presenters: Erin Maw, René Vogel

    1. WARMUP
    Pay To Talk performed by alt-j
    MOVES: Squat with Bar on Back, Backward-Stepping Lunge with Bar on Back, Squat, Heel Raise with Bar on Back, Row, High Pull,...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #25 Cardio

    Episode 15

    LES MILLS GRIT 25 Cardio
    Duration: 29 mins
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Tauvaga Siolo, Caley Jäck, Ben Main

    1. WARMUP
    Island Life performed by Kid Cudi & Pharrell Williams
    MOVES: Jog OTS, Jog OTS with Heels Up, High Knee Run, Shuffle Tap, Squat Burpee, Surfer Burpee, Lateral Leap...

  • BODYPUMP #105 55 min

    Episode 16

    BODYPUMP 105
    Duration: 56 minutes
    Equipment: barbell, weight plates, bench.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Diana Archer Mills, René Vogel, Ana Domingos, Denice Burr, Mathilda Björck, Marcus Benson-Day, Dave Kyle, Christophe Guarnaccia

    1. WARMUP
    All Stars performed by Penny Arcade made fa...

  • CXWORX #31 30 min

    Episode 17

    CXWORX #31
    Duration: 29 mins
    Equipment: resistance band, weight plates, yoga mat (optional)
    Presenters: Corey Baird, Erin Maw, Dan Cohen

    1. WARMUP
    New Rules performed by Kasia Is Back made famous by Dua Lipa
    MOVES: C-Crunch Stagger, Alternating Single Leg Lift, Oblique Twist Combo, Single...

  • RPM #80 45 min

    Episode 18

    RPM 80
    Duration: 47 minutes
    Equipment: Stationary Bike
    Presenters: Glen Ostergaard, Brent Findlay, Anna Lowery

    1. PACK RIDE
    Easy Love performed by Feed Life made famous by Sigala
    MOVES: Ride Easy, Racing, Seated Recovery
    2. PACE
    Paradise performed by Trusty Common made famous by George ...

  • BODYCOMBAT #76 55 min

    Episode 19

    Duration: 53 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenters: Dan Cohen, Rachael Newsham, Tauvaga Siolo, Jon Kin Chew, Marlon Woods, Marco Patellaro, André Yunes Gularte, Benoit Mallet

    HNDZ Up performed by The Sweatshirt Supervisors made famous by Matisse & ...

  • BODYPUMP #104 55 min

    Episode 20

    BODYPUMP 104
    Duration: 56 minutes
    Equipment: barbell, weight plates, bench.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates, Ben Main, Lunar Lu, Marlon Woods

    1. WARMUP
    More Than You Know performed by Charge Back made famous by Axwell/\Ingrosso
    MOVES: Deadlift, Upright Row, Deadrow, Clean & P...

  • CXWORX #30 30 min

    Episode 21

    CXWORX 30
    Duration: 28 min
    Equipment: resistance band, weight plate.
    Presenter team: Dan Cohen, René Vogel, Justin Riley, Kristin Andersson, Elin Hellström

    1. WARMUP
    Instruction performed by Cold Dynamite made famous by Jax Jones feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don
    MOVES: Crunch, C-crunch, C...

  • BODYSTEP #112 Athletic

    Episode 22

    BODYSTEP 112 Athletic
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Equipment: weight plates, step/bench
    Presenters: Mark Nu'u-Steele, Giles Bryant, Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith, Rae Wood

    1. WARMUP
    Sorry Not Sorry performed by Down The Road made famous by Demi Lovato
    MOVES: Bounce, Basic Step, Walk F&B, Step Knee Li...

  • BODYATTACK #103 45 min

    Episode 23

    Duration: 44 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenting Team: Romain Prévédello, Nikki Snow, Ben Main

    1. WARMUP
    Rock The Place performed by Lap Drum made famous by SURILLA
    MOVES: Step Touch & Bounce Combo, Jumping Jack & Bounce Combo, Walk To Plank Combo, Jumping Jack & Ru...