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Watch this video and more on LES MILLS ON DEMAND

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  • LES MILLS GRIT #26 Strength

    LES MILLS GRIT 26 Strength
    Duration: 29 mins
    Equipment: barbell, weight plates
    Presenters: Bas Hollander, Reagan Kang, Caley Jäck

    1. WARMUP
    Cut A Path performed by D-Con
    MOVES: Squat, Squat Pulse, Heel Raise, Backward-Stepping Lunge with Rotation, Pushup, Squat Pulse with Plate Press O/H...

  • CXWORX #22 30 min

    CXWORX 22
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Equipment: resistance band, weight plate.
    Presenter team: Corey Baird, Denice Burr, Elin Hellström, Huw Davis.

    1. WARMUP
    SummerThing! performed by The Under Log made famous by Afrojack feat. Mike Taylor
    MOVES: Crunch, Crunch Combo, Crunch & Oblique Twist Com...

  • RPM #75 45 min

    RPM 75
    Duration: 46 minutes
    Equipment: stationary bike.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Brent Findlay, Dee Tjeong.

    1. PACK RIDE
    Anywhere performed by Sir Jetsam made famous by Dillon Francis feat. Will Heard
    MOVES: Seated Recovery, Ride Easy, Racing
    2. PACE
    Hole In My Soul performed by...