3 Episodes

Significant investment in ongoing research is an important part of Les Mills' business, and enables our members to know that our group fitness programs are effective and safe.
We partner with universities around the world to conduct research to investigate areas of exercise science we want to find out more about and test the effects of our programs on key community health factors such as obesity and heart disease. Our research is independent, peer-reviewed and industry-recognized.

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  • Powered by science: BODYPUMP

    Episode 1

    Scientists now advise we gauge the impact of our workouts by looking beyond the immediate calorie burn, focusing instead on longer-term benefits for body composition and metabolism.

  • Powered by science: LES MILLS GRIT

    Episode 2

    Les Mills Lab research shows by adding two weekly LES MILLS GRIT workouts to your routine for six weeks, you’ll transform your fitness levels, decrease body fat and increase strength. This is how the fit get fitter.

  • Powered by science: THE TRIP

    Episode 3

    The long-standing myth around no pain, no gain isn’t true. Science has proven that immersive workouts like THE TRIP makes tough workouts seem easier.

    New research from the Les Mills Lab reveals how immersive fitness technology can help you work out harder than you think you are.