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BODYATTACK #101 30 min

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LES MILLS MINDFULNESS Mindfulness of Breathing


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  • BODYATTACK #101 30 min

    Duration: 32 minutes
    Equipment: none required.
    Presenter team: Lisa Osborne, Romain Prévédello, Ben Main, Amy Styles, Maxime Vigeant, Xavier Gallais

    1. WARMUP
    Unite (Radio Edit) performed by Woodman Prophecy made famous by Thesuspect
    MOVES: Bounce, Step Touch, Side-Step Lu...

  • Quick HIIT Workout #01

    Safely introduce high-intensity interval training into your routine with this Quick HIIT Tabata-style workout.

    QUICK HIIT Workout #01
    Duration: 4 mins
    Equipment: None required

    Moves (3 moves, 2 sets): Backward Stepping Lunge, Running On The Spot, Lateral Skaters
    Track: “Melt” performed by Xrang...

  • BODYFLOW #80 Flexibility

    BODYFLOW 80 Flexibility
    Duration: 36 minutes
    Equipment: yoga mat (optional)
    Presenter team: Dr Jackie Mills, Diana Archer Mills, Jan Roggenveen, Floris Dröes, Bram Prima Halim, Lina Blomberg

    Anyone performed by Why So Many made famous by Mt Eden & Father Dude
    MOVES: Mou...