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BODYFLOW #73 Flexibility


Up Next in CARDIO FITNESS TEST - Workout Plan

  • BODYCOMBAT #69 Fast & Furious

    BODYCOMBAT #69 Fast & Furious (Short Workout)
    Duration: 13 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Selected by: Rachael Newsham, Dan Cohen

    1. COMBAT 1
    I'm Alive performed by Silver Running made famous by Shinedown
    MOVES: Jab, Cross, Hook, Karate Punch, Roundhouse Kick
    2. MUAY THAI
    Testify perf...

  • LES MILLS GRIT #23 Strength

    Duration: 30 min
    Equipment: bar bell or free weights
    Presenter team: Erin Maw, Desmond Helu, Marcus Wong King

    1. WARMUP
    Recording of Grit Alley by Oporiño. Licensed courtesy of Black Lotus 2018.
    MOVES: backward-stepping lunge with plate, rotation, jump lunge, squat wit...

  • BODYATTACK #94 30 min

    Duration: 35 minutes
    Equipment: none required.
    Presenter team: Lisa Osborne, Adam Bramski, Bevan James Eyles, Erin Maw, Romain Prévédello.

    1. WARMUP
    Feel Alive performed by Hot Tamales made famous by Newclaess
    MOVES: Stretch Sequence, Bounce, Run, Step Touch, Squat, Side Pl...