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Watch this video and more on LES MILLS ON DEMAND

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Up Next in CARDIO FITNESS TEST - Workout Plan

  • BODYSTEP #110 55 min

    BODYSTEP 110
    Duration: 55 minutes
    Equipment: exercise step, weight plate.
    Presenter team: Mark Nu’u, Lisa Osborne, Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith, Dan Maroun

    1. WARMUP
    Now And Later performed by Nice One made famous by Sage The Gemini
    MOVES: Bounce, March on Top, 1/2 Stomp & Bounce, Lunge, Re...

  • LES MILLS GRIT Cardio Challenge #01

    LES MILLS GRIT Cardio Challenge 01
    Duration: 27 min
    Equipment: none required
    Selected by: Erin Maw 

    Recording of 3D Memory by Push It Up. Licensed courtesy of Black Lotus 2017
    MOVES: jog OTS, heels up, high knee run, shuffle tap, squat burpee jump, pushup, jumping switch...

  • RPM #77 45 min

    RPM 77
    Duration: 45 minutes
    Equipment: stationary bike.
    Presenter team: Glen Ostergaard, Brent Findlay, Dee Tjoeng, Karen Russell, Joshua Berrier

    1. PACK RIDE
    Hung Up performed by Elephant Queen made famous by SJ & Tritonal feat. Emma Gatsby
    MOVES: Seated Recovery, Ride Easy, Racing
    2. P...