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Watch this video and more on LES MILLS ON DEMAND

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Up Next in BACK TO YOU Level 2.0 [Equipment]

  • LES MILLS BARRE #02 45 min

    LES MILLS BARRE 02 45 min
    Duration: 42 minutes
    Equipment: none required
    Presenter: Diana Archer Mills

    1. WARM
    On Fire performed by Backwater Blues made famous by Raleigh Ritchie & Chris Loco
    MOVES: 2nd Position PliƩ with 2nd Position Arms, Arabesque Fondu, 2nd Position PliƩ Pulse with Arm...

  • THE TRIP #16

    THE TRIP #16
    Duration: 39 minutes
    Equipment: Stationary Bike
    Presenter: Khiran Huston

    Superfly performed by Choice Motion made famous by Curtis Mayfield
    Paint performed by Ways Of Time made famous by Anderson .Paak
    Move On Up performed by Money Aquarian made famous by Curti...

  • BODYFLOW #79 Flexibility

    BODYFLOW 79 Flexibility
    Duration: 37 minutes
    Equipment: yoga mat (optional)
    Presenter team: Dr Jackie Mills, Diana Archer Mills, Corey Baird, JoJo Zhou, Lucy Helu

    Line Of Sight performed by Poppydog made famous by ODESZA
    MOVES: Narrow Wu Chi, Tai Chi Body Roll, Extended ...