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BORN TO MOVE #30 (6-7) You and Us


Up Next in 6 - 7 YEARS

  • BORN TO MOVE #29 (6-7) Flying In The Sky

    Duration: 22 minutes
    Equipment: None required
    Presenters: Grace Stevens, Dannielle Lally, Danielle Lally, Tyrese Gungan, Cameron Holland, Bas Hollander

    1. Flying In The Sky performed by Dave Pnaneuf/Jamie Thompson

    2. Disco Sound performed by Chayenne Chanjamnong

    3. Kingpin (Instrumental) perf...

  • BORN TO MOVE #29 (6-7) The Para-Pa-Pa...

    Duration: 15 minutes
    Equipment: None Required
    Presenters: Tyrese Gungan, Grace Stevens, Kaylah-Blayr Fitzsimons-Nu'u

    1. The Para-Pa-Pam Song performed by Johan El-Khoury/Chayenne Chanjamnong

    2. Dancer In The Desert performed by Elin El-Khoury

    3. All I Need (Instrumental) performed by NIKALAAY...

  • BORN TO MOVE #28 (6-7) Bip Bop

    Duration: 24 minutes
    Equipment: None required
    Presenters: Dannielle Lally, Tyrese Gungan, Kaylah-Blayr Fitzsimons-Nu'u, Cameron Holland, Grace Stevens

    1. Move
    Bip Bop performed by Elin El-Khoury

    2. Move
    The Goal Keeper performed by Elin El-Khoury/Johan El-Khoury

    3. Punch/Kick
    Stay The Same p...